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Good work/Cool Style

You've got some great potential. Progression is good, percussion is well done, and the melody is just the right amount of repetitive to make interesting background music. However, I do feel like this track could use some more compression on the kick, but that's mixing/mastering related. Also, try some better percussion samples to improve your sound and composition quality. I recommend Vengeance Essential Club-Sounds as they seem to be widely used and loved.

All the best and keep up the good work,

veemon1 responds:


Very Nice

Great work as always, durn. It was somewhat relaxing and does deliver a sense of heat in an urban area. You did this very well with your use of pads and synth leads. Thanks for letting me know about your new track :)

durn responds:

Thanks Vilko. I spent more time than usual trying out different pad harmonics and reverbs to achieve a more atmospheric sound for this one. I'll keep on lettin' ya know about new releases. :D

I love your style.

Very dark, mysterious, and eerie. The vocal samples are awesome. Excellent work... My only suggestion is that you revisit this project and conclude the song after a better climax. It lacks a defining climax in my opinion. For some reason that doesn't reduce my review score to a 9 lol. I love this style of yours. Keep up the great work.

Being-Glass responds:

Ill see what I can do. this project still rests in my unfinished category.

Thanks for the review and ill send you updates to the track when I get to it. lately music has been on hold as I finish up some other life things first.



This is absolutely fantastic. Great work!

Chimy727 responds:

thanks dude!

MUCH Better

I don't know what happened for you to lose your data, but you definitely rebuilt it well... with many improvements - especially the opening buildup.

What's also better is that the track keeps you interested the entire time. Your transitions are smooth, and the melody is just the right amount of repetitive. This type of music makes a great soundtrack for a video game or an appropriate film project.

The track is bizarre and unique. A wild ride of resonating, ringy pads and brassy synths. Very creative approach to music, my friend. This deserves a solid 10.

Tykwa responds:

That made my butthole pucker up


Amazing Hardstyle. Congrats on #2!

SessileNomad responds:

#3 *

Loved it.

Great job, yagru. Another awesome submission =) Good tea, too... lol


I loved it. It's so bizarre and weird... and those are major qualities in my opinion lol. Keep up the retro-sounding awesomeness!

5/5 10/10

Sandwhich-lord responds:

wow thanks alot , i'm trying to experiment a bit more now as most of my stuff sounds samey.

Not Bad

It needs a LOT of work... definitely some mastering too. You could use some better percussion samples too. I recommend the Vengeance Club Essentials pack. It isn't free, but it's worth it and will drastically improve your sound. I liked the melody and the piano scores you used. Give it work and make it gold lol :D

JohnLeprechaun responds:

I'll look into the VST for sure. Thanks, man.

Interesting Style

It could use a lot of work, but it's got mad potential. The first half was a little draggy, but this is seriously cool stuff lol. Keep it up!

5/5 9/10

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